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High-tech trade fair W3+ Fair Rhine Valley 2020 firmly scheduled for September

After the gradual easing of the Corona regulations in Austria, preparations for the 2nd W3+ Fair Rhine Valley are once again picking up full speed. With its event date in September, the fair will be the start of the second half of the business year.

VISION 2020 cannot take place

Exhibitors of the leading world trade fair cancel participation / Industry survey started / Exhibitors and associations back decision Messe Stuttgart has been involved in intensive talks with the exhibitors of VISION in recent weeks. "In the

Diamond SA: Lensed ferrule vs. Standard contact ferrule

The fast-growing deployment of optical fiber in industrial, avionic, military and transportation applications are leading to the increasing use of optical connectors that provide low insertion loss, ease-of-use and, more important, serviceability. Co

ID Quantique: ID900 Time Controller Series

The combination of high resolution event timing & correlation, time-to-digital conversion with multi-trigger delay generator is nowadays widely used in physics, bio and material science experiments. The ID900 Time Controller Series is an ideal ce

Trioptics: Angle measurement in real-time

The electronic autocollimators in the TriAngle series are optical measuring instruments for high-precision and non-contact angle measurements on optical or mechanical parts. They are ideally suited for measuring and alignment applications in the mech

eagleyard Photonics rebrands into TOPTICA eagleyard

TOPTICA Photonics has decided to rebrand its daughter company eagleyard Photonics into TOPTICA eagleyard. Eagleyard Photonics is a leading manufacturer of high end laser diodes in the red/infrared regime (630 nm – 1120 nm).   eagleya