STMS Scanning Tubing Measurement System from LUMETRICS


The Lumetrics Scanning Tubing Measurement System (STMS) is designed with ease of use in mind. The recipe driven, semi-automated measurement process is flexible and user friendly.

The STMS includes a fully programmable menu structure to allow multiple measurement points with no manual intervention – just load and go. The STMS simultaneously measures tubing ID, OD and wall thickness. The integrated motion control system varies position and rotation of the sample using a user-friendly, recipe driven, semi-automated process.

The STMS is the non-contact measurement solution for medical device inspection, where precision measurements of balloons and tubing is a requirement.

Technical Overview
The STMS is designed to:

  • Measure tubing up to 12” in length
  • Easily load and unload parts.
  • Easily create part specific recipes to measure and
    rotate in multiple location along the length of a
    tube with just a single click.
  • Provide an inspection report summarizing data
    into compiled tables in accordance with the
    acceptance criteria for critical dimensions and
    including a Pass/Fail determination

About Lumetrics
Lumetrics has been providing precision optical metrology solutions to leading edge companies throughout the world since 2003. Lumetrics OptiGauge systems have been deployed in R&D and QA Labs as well as in production environments. Customer purchase Lumetrics OptiGauge systems for a variety of reasons including:

•Improving current metrology processes
•Product Development
•Product Quality & Compliance
•Waste Reduction

Our customers are the reason for our success and steady growth. Advanced solutions such as the STMS will continue to propel Lumetrics into the future.

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