Sill Optics – Telecentric F-theta Lenses with Large Scan Fields Set New Standards for Cutting Displays

Telecentric f-theta lens S4LFT3340-075 with large scan field sets new standard for cutting displays.

Wendelstein, June 24, 2024 – Standard LC display formats are typically very affordable. However, certain industries, such as aviation or modern trains, require different formats. Developing new formats with special aspect ratios can be prohibitively expensive, especially for small and medium quantities. As a result, cutting standard formats is preferred. This method can be employed without any loss of functionality, as LC displays are composed of several individual components connected in series. By terminating these connections beforehand and making a precise cut between them, special formats can be produced cost-effectively.

Laser cutting is the preferred method for cutting displays. It is particularly important that the cut is made perpendicular to the surface of the display. Minimal cutting depth results in minimal heat input, ensuring that neighboring assemblies are not affected. Additionally, the distance between the individual assemblies is small, necessitating a perpendicular cut to precisely target the gap.

Telecentric f-theta lenses enable vertical beam incidence and, therefore, a vertical cut across the entire working plane due to their low telecentric error. This is especially important in the field corners, where the input beam is deflected to the maximum by the upstream galvanometer scanner. Telecentric lenses are also characterized by a particularly homogeneous spot shape and size across the entire scan field area, particularly in a diffraction-limited optical design.

However, the advantages of telecentricity come at a cost, especially for applications requiring a large scan field. The scan field is mechanically limited by the diameter of the last lens. Therefore, the rear lenses of telecentric lenses must be significantly larger than those of non-telecentric versions to cover extended scan fields. The larger the scan field of the f-theta lens, the higher the maximum cut length.

The S4LFT3340-075 fulfils both criteria: at a laser wavelength of 343 nm -355 nm, it offers a low telecentric error of less than 1° and a large scan field of 205 mm x 205 mm. Due to its properties, the lens is particularly suitable for extremely fine cutting tasks such as cutting LC displays. Telecentric f-theta lenses are also available for other fields and wavelengths. Sill Optics specializes in customized solutions for complex applications with high-quality requirements. This means that customized lens designs can be developed and manufactured. Existing designs can also be modified and adapted to your specifications. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of our telecentric high-performance optics.

About Sill Optics: Sill Optics is one of the few medium-sized companies in Germany specializing in the manufacture of customer-specific optical components of the highest quality. Our production spectrum includes a wide range of customized solutions for complex applications, ranging from the manufacture of lenses to complete systems for fields such as laser technology, image processing, measurement technology, lighting, photonics, and medical technology.

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