The new Micronas HAL 302X Product Family from RUTRONIK

From low-speed to HIGH-SPEED angle sensing

The new Micronas HAL 302X Product Family deliver precise position and speed sensing in automotive systems, industrial motor control and consumer applications. This Family ensures a reliable performance with robust handling of stray magnetic fields and ISO 26262 compliance for functional safety. Thanks to its fast analog signal path and robustness against stray-field robustness, HAL 302x sensor offers potential for the following applications:

  • Rotary position measurement for BLDC motor commutation
  • Starter/generator systems
  • Electromechanical brake booster
  • Electric pumps and Electric valves

Fast stray-field robust motor position sensor 

HAL 302x is a fast 2D angular position sensor family that features differential or single-ended sine and cosine analog outputs with integrated wire-break detection. The rotation angle of a magnet can be calculated by an external A/D-converter and a microcontroller/ECU.
This new Product family comprises two members: The HAL 3020 and HAL 3021.
Both members measure vertical magnetic field components (Bz) using hall effect technology. Out of these two members, the HAL 3021 offers the higher robustness against static and dynamic mechanical tolerances.

Flexible design 

The inherent stray-field robustness of HAL 302x removes the need for both expensive magnetic shielding and as well as strong target magnets. This gives more flexibility in the design and production of next generation electric motors to be used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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