Motorized beam expander for high-power lasers – S6EZM0940-574

Wendelstein, July 08, 2024 – The success of the Sill Optics beam expanders made of high-quality fused silica and coatings over the past decades invited Sill Optics to start a new project, which resulted in the newly developed motorized beam expander S6EZM0940-574.

This new motorized beam expander S6EZM0940-574 features the identical optical design as the manually adjustable S6EXZ0940-574. By using the highest quality coatings and fused silica, Sill Optics also ensures that this new beam expander achieves a particularly high resistance, when used by modern high-power lasers. The beam diameter does not fall below the minimum value on all inside lens surfaces of the lens. As a result, the energy input even on the usually critical second lens is so low, even when using high-power lasers, that damage to the material and the coating is avoided.

While zoom beam expanders score with an adjustable range of the magnification factor, beam expanders with a fixed magnification are often interesting because of their suitability for extremely short-pulsed high-power lasers. The new high-power motorized jet expander S6EZM0940-574 combines both advantages as its manually adjustable counterpart.

In contrast to the S6EXZ0940-574, the inside lenses of the S6EZM0940-574 are moved motorized. This allows both the magnification factor in the range of 0.9x – 4x and the divergence to be set with high precision and fully automatically. Since no components are touched during the magnification and divergence setting and the lenses are positioned with an accuracy of up to 30 μm, a pointing error of ≤0.2 mrad can be realized.

Our wide range of products in the field of beam expanders is large and includes many different models. The spectrum ranges from compact or natural anodized beam expanders with fixed magnification to manual, partially motorized or fully motorized zoom beam expanders. If you need a specific magnification or have other special requirements that cannot be realized by our portfolio lenses, we are happy to adapt existing products to your needs or develop a customer-specific new design. Please feel free to contact us and experience the performance of our high-quality beam expanders.

About Sill Optics: Sill Optics is one of the few medium-sized companies in Germany that specializes in the production of customer-specific optical components of the highest quality. The production spectrum includes a wide range of tailor-made special solutions for complicated applications from the manufacture of lenses to complete systems for the fields of laser technology, image processing, metrology, lighting, photonics and medical technology.

Press: Dr. Klaus Kerschensteiner

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