Nanoscribe introduces 3D printing by 2GL® for superior quality at unrivaled speed

November, 2023: Nanoscribe introduces a fundamentally new 3D Microfabrication technology: 3D printing by 2GL®. Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL) is now setting entirely new standards for 3D nano- and microfabrication. The technology merges the high resolution of Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP) with a unique, patented voxel tuning process to achieve significantly fewer printing layers. This makes 2GL the fastest 2PP-based 3D printing technology with unparalleled shape accuracy and superior print quality. It paves the way for new applications, such as manufacturing even more filigree microoptical systems with significantly higher quality in much shorter print times. This is why 3D grayscale printing is now a new feature for Quantum X align.

Nanoscribe’s Quantum X platform, with its patented Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography technology for additive manufacturing of optical-grade 2D and 2.5D microstructures, has become the platform of choice for industrial manufacturing and mastering of microoptics. Now, Nanoscribe takes the voxel tuning technology to the third dimension by introducing 3D printing by 2GL as an essential addition to the Aligned Two-Photon Lithography (A2PL®) features of Quantum X align.

Unmatched precision with outstanding shape accuracy

The printing process relies on dynamic modulation of laser power in real time while scanning at highest speed. This results in a precise size adjustment of the polymerizing voxel to perfectly match the contours of any 3D shape. 3D printing by 2GL guarantees flawless, optical-grade surfaces and finest, submicron features, without any slicing steps or shape distortion, just the real shape of any 3D print design.

Up to 60 times higher throughput

3D printing by 2GL is the fastest 2PP-based microfabrication technology on the market. Its dynamic voxel tuning requires significantly fewer printing layers to achieve print results with optical-grade, smooth as well as nanostructured surfaces. This translates to a manufacturing speed, unattainable by any 2PP-based 3D printer available. The fastest additive manufacturing technology on the market for 3D nano- and microfabrication delivers 10 to 60 times the throughput of any current 2-photon lithography system when meeting demanding print quality requirements.

New opportunities for photonic applications

3D printing by 2GL delivers the highest optical-grade quality, finest, submicron features, and previously unimaginable high throughput. Thus, it significantly advances microoptics manufacturing and photonics packaging. Nanoscribe Quantum X align with its Aligned 2-Photon Lithography A2PL® is equipped with this fundamentally new printing technology, supported by the advanced aligner software nanoPrintX.

Quantum X align is optimized for printing microoptical elements with the highest placement accuracy and automatically aligned on optical fibers and photonic chips. With the entirely new level of manufacturing quality and speed, 3D printing by 2GL paves the way for advancing the industrialization of Free Space Micro Optical Coupling (FSMOC) as a highly robust and efficient light coupling solution for photonics packaging and integration.

Pushing the limits of 3D Microfabrication

3D printing by 2GL truly marks a new era for 2PP-based 3D Microfabrication. There are numerous potential use cases for this technology beyond microoptics and photonics, wherever the fastest printing speed, optical-quality surfaces, finest submicron details or textured surfaces are key. Get ready to be impressed by the breathtaking print quality and up to 60 times higher throughput.

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