AEMtec delivers ‘one-stop-shop’ for optical component requirements

If you need help with wafer treatment, preparation and packaging, offering advice on product and process development as well as volume production – all from a one-stop-shop, the company AEMtec could be your solution. 

AEMtec was set up in 1989 as a back-end group by Siemens Infineon mainly using wire bonding and fibre optics technologies for data communication systems. In 2000, they became an independent contract manufacturer and have since transformed themselves into an E2MS company – an engineering and electronic manufacturing service supplier. With this move, using their wealth of experience and specialist know-how, they were able to complement their manufacturing capability with a range of services covering all stages from product development to volume production – all from a single source. Headquartered in Berlin, the company ensures effective service delivery through a workforce of 180 with 45 engineers dedicated to process development, process improvement and reliability improvement. Current product lines AEMtec’s key product lines are currently highprecision placement for optical components for the semiconductor equipment industry, for example photolithography stems and mask writers.

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