Berliner Glas Group at the LASER World of PHOTONICS

The Berliner Glas Group makes light usable for high-tech applications and operates in growth markets based on the current megatrends of digitization, mobility, or health. For instance, in order to have data access anywhere and anytime high-performance chips on the one hand and high-resolution displays on the other hand are needed. The Berliner Glas Group makes a significant contribution in both areas.
The Berliner Glas Group presents solutions for these and other applications at the world’s leading trade fair for the photonics industry, which takes place from June 24 to 27 in Munich. This includes, for example, customized chucks as well as stage and optical modules that are used in chip manufacturing, or cylinder optics that are up to two meters long and used to expand and homogenize laser beams, for example to produce OLED displays for smartphones, tablets, and TV devices.

Assemblies and systems for space technology
The group presents opto-mechanical components and solutions that enable laser based communication in space and thus the exchange of huge amounts of data in near real-time. Some of these components are present on certain earth observation satellites of the Sentinel fleet so that they can quickly transfer their collected data via light for further use on the earth.
The Berliner Glas Group will also present opto-mechanical solutions for environmental monitoring from space at its booth.

Innovations in medical technology and life sciences
Berliner Glas and SwissOptic are driving progress in medical technology. The companies will display new visualization solutions for the operating room through the integration of 4K, 3D, and fluorescence features into surgical imaging systems. In the area of endoscopy, for example, where Berliner Glas is an expert in precision soldering and welding for autoclavable optics, micropositioning camera chips on customer-specific prisms for 4-K-RGB/VIS/NIR applications, and manufacturing chip-on-tip components.
In addition, the Berliner Glas Group presents customized beam guidance systems for purposes of laser correction in eye surgery. Furthermore, the company is also an expert in manufacturing optic assemblies and modules that are used in retina scanners.

Optical systems for laser-based measurement techniques
The Berliner Glas Group also shows highly precise lens systems at its booth, which are used in airborne camera systems, scanning systems, and other photogrammetry applications, among others.
There will also be a cut-away model of an aerial imaging lens on display. A passive, quick-response temperature compensator in the lens makes it possible to create images of excellent quality at working temperatures between -20 and +55°C. Several tetrachroid beam splitters display multispectral images on a line sensor in the highest optical quality.
In Hall B1, at Booth 507, interested visitors can learn more about these and other solutions from the Berliner Glas Group. Last but not least visitors also have the opportunity to come by and have a very special VR experience.
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