Frankfurt Laser Company: MICRO Green Laser Modules

April 2021: The MICRO Green Laser Module GLM-532/545-003-MICRO-X has an extremely small size of just Ø3.7 x 10mm with an output power of 3mW at wavelength 532nm and 545nm. The operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C allows to use it for various industrial and defense applications in most harsh environment. The energy consumption is very low which saves supply power. It is supplied with an ACC (Auto Constant Current) and runs at a fixed frequency of 111Hz. The power stability is within a few percent. The beam coming from the laser has the size of 2.5mm with a divergence of <2.5mrad in both directions.


  • Target Designation
  • Laser Gun Sights
  • Construction Lasers
  • Instruments Alignment
  • Geodesy Instruments

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