Earth Day Light Microscopy Imaging Competition

Lumencor is committed to building innovative, high-quality light engines that facilitate rapid, sensitive, accurate analysis in a wide array of life-science applications. Our light sources replace mercury and xenon arc lamps with modern solid-state illumination technology effectively eliminating health, environmental, logistical, and economical challenges typically associated with the use and disposal of mercury bulbs. As the only truly mercury-free illumination manufacturer in the life sciences, Lumencor prides itself on the fact that we provide a brighter and greener solution for light microscopy to our customers and the planet. So, in celebration of Earth Day, Lumencor is holding an Earth Day Light Microscopy Imaging Competition!

The Lumencor Earth Day Light Microscopy Imaging Competition is open to anyone currently using Lumencor light engines for light microscopy applications. The subject matter of the photomicrograph is unrestricted and any type of light microscopy technique is acceptable. However, the light source used to take the photomicrograph MUST be a Lumencor light engine.

Submit by July 29th, 2019

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