Xenics will be participating in Vision China

Xenics sees a strong alignment in its products and the growing needs of the Chinese market, particularly in machine vision applications. Vision China will be the first instance that Xenics participates directly in a trade event based in China. Having an already established presence in China through its distributors, a direct participation in this event seeks to further strengthen the commitment Xenics has in the Chinese imaging market. Xenics will showcase its portfolio of ready-to-use infrared cameras, with emphasis placed on the short-wave infrared, where the company produces its own sensors. The booth will be joined by sInfraRed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xenics in Singapore. “The industrial machine vision and automation market continue to show a positive outlook around the world, especially so for China. We have innovative products coming this year that will be very relevant for these industries, and we want to start discussions with the right stakeholders.” says Dr Raf Vandersmissen, Product Manager at Xenics. Raf also holds the position of director at sInfraRed.

The recently launched Manx linear camera series will be available on the booth for the entire duration of the trade event. This short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera provides high quality line-scan imaging at unprecedented speeds of up to 390 kHz line rate. These speeds are currently the highest out of all commercially available SWIR linear cameras. Achieving new grounds in SWIR imaging speeds enhances inspection processes, increasing daily production capabilities for such applications. Silicon wafer inspections, TFT screen inspections, food and agricultural produce sorting are some industrial applications that would benefit from this new line of ultra-fast linear InGaAs cameras. The Manx is offered in 3 different resolutions of 512, 1024 or 2048 pixels. A 2048-pixel resolution Manx camera will be demonstrated on the booth for the event.

Xenics introduces an addition to the Gobi longwave infrared (LWIR) series: the Gobi+ (plus) series. This new series of Gobi cameras provide high resolution imaging at full 640 x 480 pixels. In order to fulfill ever higher requirements of demanding applications, the Gobi+ camera series comes with increased performance capabilities. The Gobi+ brings enhanced image quality thanks to improved pixel operability as well as low detector noise of less than 50 mK NETD. High speed imaging is also provided with frame rates up to 60 Hz that can be further increased in windowing mode.

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