CEDRAT Technologies: MICA20CS Actuator

The new MICA20CS actuator is now joining the standard MICA™ catalogue family (« Moving Iron Controllable Actuator »). It is the smallest of MICA™ flexure bearing linear actuators, optimized for ultra-long lifetime, and high electrical efficiency with very low heat losses. It has been sized for a frictionless stroke of 4mm with infinite fatigue life, thanks to CTEC flexure bearing technology, providing a 20N continuous force without requiring any cooling device, and providing more than 60N peak force with only 40mm diameter.  The MICA20CS is available as standalone actuator, or with tunable Proof Mass configuration option (MICA20CS-PM) for vibration damping and vibration cancellation applications. The MICA20CS is also a good candidate for miniature high frequency linear pumps, and compressor applications, as well as pressure wave generators for Stirling thermal machines, with a reliable technology inherited from former scientific space projects.

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