Ceramoptec: New glass fiber products available

Here is a list of new fiber -products that have been mastered during the year and which we can produce from now. 

  1. Fibers in polymide UV (or any others glass materials) 800/880/920 P [with any NA].
    (Fiber 13050800LV – UV 800/880/920 P, NA=0.22 S1971601 19D047 – Length 22+178 m available on stock). 
  2. Fibers in polymide UV (or any others glass materials) 1000/1100/1150 P [with any NA].
    (Fiber 130501000LV UV 1000/1100/1150 P, NA=0.22 S19756 19B136 – Length 150 m available on stock).
    Fibers in new jacket material Fluon PFA with temperatures range (-200°C to 260°C).
  3. Example fiber name – WF 600/660/780/1100 F, Na=0,22. F-mean high temperature Fluon PFA coating material
    Color: transparent or any colors available upon request. 
  4. Fibers coated in DuPont Hytrel 7246 jacket material with temperatures range (-40°C to 140°C).
    Color: milky-white 
  5. Fibers coated in high temperature acrylate DeSolite DF-0009 with temperatures range (-40°C to 150°C).
  6. Hard clad coating with numerical aperture (NA): 0,56
  7. Glass roads (any glass materials) diameter up to 12 mm.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Industrial – Sales Team.

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