New Developer’s Kit from New Scale Technologies, Inc.

September, 2023: Two-Axis Two-Mirror Beam Steering System With M3 Rotary Smart Stages. The new DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer’s Kit features two M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stages with built-in controllers. It is ideal for precise, point-to-point beam steering in a limited space, with dynamic positioning up to 100 Hz. The 3.3 VDC input makes it suited for handheld/portable instruments.

The kit includes two Smart Stages mounted in a base, two mirrors, a 650nm laser, a demo board and cables for evaluation and PC connection, and New Scale’s powerful Pathway Software for development.

Each M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage measures less than 12 x 22 x 16 mm including controllers.

Download preliminary data sheet

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