Rutronik founds new division: Rutronik IT Electronics

November, 2023: Computer Components and Systems. Everything from one single source. Rutronik IT Electronics offers all components required to build PCs and Data Centers, as well as complete systems ranging from business or gaming PCs to complete servers and many more.

For IT system integrators and resellers, Rutronik IT Electronics offers an extensive range of products from carefully selected manufacturers and comprehensive advice on which components and/or systems are best suited for the intended application. For Rutronik IT Electronics Intel is our key strategic partner, and a network of certified partners has been built around them. This allows Rutronik to both respond quickly to specific customer demand as well as always offer the latest generation of technology.

With its qualified team of dedicated IT sales specialists, Rutronik IT Electronics possesses best-in-class expertise for every system component. The Rutronik IT Electronics division is linked closely with the well-established Rutronik Embedded division, which is focusing on industrial, medical and automotive computer solutions. The cooperation of IT Electronics and Embedded divisions makes it possible to combine commercial and customer specific parts to create the best solution from both business areas. Supported by Field Application Engineers (FAEs) and Business Development Managers (BDMs), our dedicated IT sales specialists always have the customer’s entire system solution in mind so that they can offer partial solutions or complete systems from a single source.

Our Benefits. At a Glance: 

Rutronik IT Electronics directly addresses the customer segments of Gaming, Consumer, Business, Data Centers, IT system companies, Computers and Computer parts. For this purpose, Rutronik IT Electronics builds on a strong network of certified partners with Intel at its center as its main strategic partner. Rutronik IT Electronics has direct access to Intel systems. That means you will receive instant response to requests for prices and lead times over the phone. This guarantees high-quality products and quick information on availability.

Regardless of whether you prefer “make or buy,” Rutronik IT Electronics is the right choice in both cases. Procurement of individual components but also entire systems from a single source is possible here – and that simplifies procurement processes. Rutronik IT Electronics always has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends and offers suitable solutions for your specific applications.

These benefits and the special focus on IT Electronics customer segments are what make Rutronik IT Electronics stand out. This gives you an edge – saving you costs and valuable time.

Your Application. Our Portfolio. 

Boards, Systems & Storage: Processors and motherboards – often specialized for certain applications – are the main components of a computer system, whether individually or as an all-in-one system. The immense amounts of data that are collected and stored today require robust, fail-safe data storage. Whether SSDs, HDDs, eMMCs, SD cards, USB sticks or DVD drives, they all have to meet the high requirements in the business environment.

Displays: The display is an important factor for IT electronics. In this context, Rutronik IT Electronics’ product range includes monitors for office and gaming, large monitors for whiteboards and presentations, and robust monitors for rugged and public applications. The display portfolio is rounded off by powerful video walls, smart screens and beamers.

Connectivity:A PC is not fully effective without the right peripheral hardware for the application: add-on cards, USB sticks, external modems, Ethernet-Switches, WiFi-Router and more significantly increase a system’s performance.


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