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Fastest Thickness Measurements with Terahertz Pulses

TeraFlash smart: Ultrafast Time-Domain Terahertz Platform TOPTICA's new time-domain terahertz system TeraFlash smart sets new standards in terms of measurement speed: The system records up to 1600 pulse tracks per second, enabling real-time la

Modular cameras meet edge AI

The strategic partnership will provide joint offering for modular embedded vision and edge AI systems. Allied Vision, a global provider of industrial camera solutions and Antmicro, a software-driven embedded technology company developing adva

Caeleste: New ELFIS imager

The ELFIS imager is the first image sensor ever combining following features: True HDR or “MAF HDR”, motion artifact free HDR Global shutter using GS technology, Allowing low noise CDS readout Enabling Global Shutter (IWR

Esco Optics opens Rochester, NY office

Optical component manufacturer, Esco Optics, is pleased to announce an expanded presence within the industry by adding a new office, as well as new key personnel.  Esco Optics will have a new, fully staffed office in Rochester, NY. This

Imaging with ultra violet light

Understanding UV light  Ultraviolet (UV) light accounts for 10% of the sun’s total output, but is completely invisible to the human eye. There are three ranges of UV wavelengths, classified as: UVA, UVB, and UVC. The lowest wavelengths

GVB GmbH in September in Kassel

GVB GmbH – Solutions in Glass, provides one of the multifaceted stock range of special glass products for many different applications and industrial sectors worldwide. To the optical industry, we mainly address semi-finished and finished compon