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EPIC Meeting on Freeform Optics at Optimax

19-20 March, 2020: Freeform optics cannot be manufactured by standard spherical or aspheric manufacturing techniques. They can embody a wide range of geometries, offering great advantages over conventional shapes to a wide range of applications. 

Diamond SA: Portable Connector and Cable Repair System

Are you looking for a reliable solution that provides fast, easy and high performing optical connector and cable repair in the field? Well, look no further.  Diamond offers a complete range of solutions for a wide variety of applications, includ

Lumetrics: Transparent amor patent

A method of identifying the material and determining the physical thickness of each layer in a multilayer structure is disclosed.The method includes measuring the optical thickness of each of the layers of the multilayer object as a function of wavel

Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders elected as Fellow of SPIE

One of our TOPTICA founders, Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders was recognized during this year’s BiOS/Photonics West 2020 for his contributions to the laser world and the company’s community engagement with the SPIE Fellow award. David Andrews, Pre

Development of a new Piezo-Optical Tip-tilt mechanism

A new tip-tilt mechanism based on low voltage piezoelectric actuators has been designed by Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) to answer the need of a Point Ahead Mechanism (PAM) for the JPL Deep Space Optical Communication (DSOC) module of incoming Psyche mi

Monocrom: Tiny diode laser stack with real macro channels water cooling

The use of real macro water channels allows to maintain a high optical efficiency when talking about actively cooled Diode Laser Stacks making them cost-efficient in terms of performance and maintenance. Our ENCAST Series consists of laser diodes