New Managing Director of Jenaer Antriebstechnik from May 2024

Simon Schwinger

After many years of successful work as Managing Director of Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH (JAT), Stephan Preuß
is retiring in the middle of this year. For personal reasons, he is taking on new challenges away from drive technology.
He was actively involved in the selection of his successor within the team.
Initially as a design engineer and since 2008 as Managing Director, Stephan Preuß has characterised the development
of JAT with great commitment. Originally a spin-off from Carl Zeiss, he further developed the company into a hidden champion. Today, 200 employees combine 35 years of expertise and shape the company into a precision specialist in drive technology.
The JAT team has been searching for a suitable successor early and intensively and is pleased to welcome Simon Schwinger
as the new Managing Director from May 2024 onwards. In addition to extensive experience from various management positions in SMEs and corporations, Simon Schwinger also brings commitment and enthusiasm to continue the JAT success story.
With his roots in Jena, he knows the challenges and opportunities of the location inside out. At the same time, as an international networker, he promotes the global visibility of the company.
With this ambition and his enthusiasm for the tasks ahead, Simon Schwinger is looking forward to starting his new role at JAT.
We would like to thank Stephan Preuß for his many years of dedicated work and welcome Simon Schwinger to the company. Together we will shape the successful future of Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH.

About the company

Like many success stories, that of JAT also has its beginning in a garage: Our founders, pioneers with a vision, came from the global corporation Zeiss and, with courage and ideas, founded a technology company that recognised its employees as its most important resource from the very beginning. Our collective goal: to be the technology specialist in the automation industry.
Even today, it is curiosity and passion that drive us. If a lens, a laser, a sensor or a work piece needs to be moved highly dynamically in the sub-micrometre range, we will find the solution. In addition to our interdisciplinary and experienced development and production, it is our passion for each individual project that defines us as JAT. We go the extra mile, for our clients, their success, but also for ourselves.
A positive and cordial cooperation between our employees, our customers and our partners is the core of our company philosophy.
Thinking and acting globally, we are firmly rooted in Jena and the region and are passionately involved in various associations
as sponsors and advisors.
JAT. Experience Precision and Passion.

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