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Lasermet launches Interlock Control System 7 Alf in Oct 2023

October, 2023: The Lasermet ICS-7 ALF is the latest addition of the Interlocked Control System (ICS) series, specifically tailored for use with the Passive Alf interlocked laser welding helmet and enclosure. A compact version of the ICS-7 OEM, offer

Lumetrics at SPIE OptiFab

October, 2023: Lumetrics will be exhibiting at SPIE OptiFab 2023 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center October 17th - 19th. One of the highlights of this conference will be a presentation by Dr. Paul Thomas titled “Low coherence interfer

Frankfurt Laser Company presents High Power QCW Laser Diode Stacks from Beijing RealLight

September, 2023: The high power QCW laser diode stacks from Beijing RealLight are very compact and deliver peak powers from 480W up to 5600W. They are offered at 796nm or 808nm or as combination of these two wavelengths. Due to the hard soldered su

New Developer's Kit from New Scale Technologies, Inc.

September, 2023: Two-Axis Two-Mirror Beam Steering System With M3 Rotary Smart Stages. The new DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer's Kit features two M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stages with built-in controllers. It is ideal for precise, point-to-point beam s

Civan Lasers introduces the latest shape generation software version

September, 2023: In the realm of laser technology, beam shaping is a vital component for various applications. Dynamic Beam Laser is revolution in it's capabilities and simplicity of generating new beam shapes. The shape generation software is th

CeramOptec® - the leading fiber optics specialist

September, 2023: CeramOptec GmbH from Bonn has been one of the leading international specialists for optical technologies (quartz glass fibers and medical lasers) for over 30 years. After its foundation in 1988, the company initially focused on gl