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Coming home for VISION

August, 2021: Positive signal to the international market and the economy / More dialogue, more innovations, more trends At home in Stuttgart: VISION (5 to 7 October 2021) is the world's leading trade fair for machine vision. The "Who'

Frankfurt Laser Company: Compact Laser Diode Line Modules HSML-E with Ultra-Thin Lines

August, 2021: The new HSML-E is a series of laser diode line modules which are very compact and deliver an ultra-thin line. Laser head and laser driver are separated which allows a very compact size of the laser head of just Ø12.6mm x 44mm. Th

Allied Vision: Available Now - Short-wave infrared (SWIR) Goldeye models with Sony IMX990 and Sony IMX991 SenSWIR sensors

August, 2021: From now on we offer two new models of our versatile Goldeye camera series: The Goldeye G-030 is equipped with the Sony IMX991 and the 1.3 MP Goldeye G-130 with the Sony IMX990 sensor. Both models use Sony's innovative SenSWIR techn

Rutronik: Power Management IC from Nordic Semiconductor

July, 2021: Extremely compact single-chip PMIC (Power Management IC) solution for battery charging and power supply The nPM1100 is a dedicated power management IC (PMIC) with dual-mode configurable buck regulator and integrated battery charg

Imagine Optic: WaveSuite 4.3 goes full 64 bits: 3x processing speed, no-limit RAM & M2

July, 2021: WaveSuite4.3 completes the full transition to 64-bit compilation and overhauls previous limitations in RAM management and processing speed linked to 32-bit architecture legacy. This version of WaveSuite is a landmark for

New Scale Technologies: High-speed embedded motion for high-volume applications

July, 2021: The M3-LS-U2-10 Linear Smart Stage is optimized for high-volume production. Using our latest UTAF2 technology, it delivers cost-effective, precision motion in:   DNA sequencing instruments Wearable medical devices