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Lumetrics exhibits at the 2018 Photonics West

Lumetrics will be exhibiting at the 2018 Photonics West Trade Show in booth #244!  We will be exhibiting two featured products: the CLAS-NX and the OptiGauge. The CLAS-NX Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor is a brand new economical interferomete

Jenoptik showcasing numerous new products at Photonics West

Four new completely fused silica F-Theta objective lenses, a fused silica beam expander for high-power laser applications, and three new standard F-Theta lenses will be ready to go into production from January 2018. Following a surge in demand ove

Ultra-Compact High Efficiency Liquid Chiller System

Aspen Systems introduces the LCS-600, a new turnkey liquid chiller system. The LCS-600 is a result of Aspen Systems’ cumulative years of expertise in supplying OEM refrigeration solutions to the military, medical, laser and elect

New Scale's M3-RS-U-360 rotary microstage is now available as a Developer's Kit

This rotary piezoelectric microstage offers 360 degrees continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees/second, with an accuracy of 0.25 degrees. It measures only 12 mm in diameter including the embedded controller. As with all M3 modules, the piezoele

OptiGauge vs. Nuclear Gauge

LUMETRICS: ADVANTAGES OF LOW - COHERENCE INTERFEROMETRY OVER NUCLEAR - BASED GAUGES Many film manufacturers depend on nuclear gauges (beta, gamma or x-ray) for quality control during manufacturing, e.g. monitoring layer thickness. Low coherence in

Technica: new T150 optical cable sensor

The T150 is a ruggedized high temperature non-metallic cable sensor designed for monitoring distributed temperatures and strains in environments to 260 Degrees Celsius with submillisecond response time. At its core, the T150 optical cable consists