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The 1" optical format XGS 12000 and the 1/1.1" optical format XGS 8000 enable compact 29 x 29 mm² camera designs due to their small package size and low thermal profile. These devices provide superior image quality with high quantum ef

Simplifying the wavefront sensor display orientation process

In optical manufacturing, it is vital to properly correlate measurements to their corresponding location on the lens surface. Such measurements are typically used to identify locations where excess material should be removed, and therefore any err

The phoenix has landed

Esco Optics begins a new chapter in its 60+ year history by moving into its much anticipated new manufacturing facility. In 2014, Esco’s previous home suffered a significant fire, forcing production into a temporary location. Now, the new Esco

Cedrat Technologies training sessions

The Cedrat Technologies training sessions will take place in Bremen, Germany. On June 28th, just after the Conference ACTUATOR 2018 Two 1-day parallel sessions will be performed by Cedrat Technologies in the Congress Center Bremen. The

The Matrox Imaging Library

Matrox® Imaging recemtly released the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 10 Processing Pack 3 software update featuring a CPU-based, image classification module which makes use of deep learning technology for machine vision applications. Proc

Trioptics presents new "OptiSpheric® IOL R&D".

IOL manufacturers are continuously developing new lens models to meet the latest technological standards. TRIOPTICS now offers the perfect solution for putting these new products to the acid test in compliance with ISO 11979: the new OptiSpheric