January, 2024: Introducing the groundbreaking SWIR & NIR 25-250mm f/5.5 (NFOV) f/4 (WFOV)continuous zoom lens – an industry pioneer in low SWaP design along with long-range capabilities, meticulously crafted for 5µm, 10µm, and 15µm SXGA SWIR detectors.

Weighing just 860gr and 224mm length, it’s an impressive 60% lighter than comparable lenses, ensuring top-tier imaging quality with a detection range exceeding 26km.

Covering both NIR and SWIR bands from 0.7μm to 1.7μm, and engineered to operate with minimal distortion, this lens offers an optional configuration for a narrow wavelength range from 1.1μm to 1.7μm. This specific wavelength range enhances its suitability for see-spot solution for laser designators, making it an optimal choice for a variety of defense applications.

Whether it’s advanced drones, UAVs, or other cutting-edge technologies, this lens is a disruptive force, redefining possibilities across commercial, homeland security, and defense markets.


  • Weight <860gr
  • Detection range >26km
  • Designed for 5μm, 10μm SXGA, and 15μm VGA detectors
  • Spectral range: 0.7-1.7μm with optional narrow setting for 1.1-1.7μm


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