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January, 2024: With this business update, we would like to inform you about some exciting developments in our company. In recent months, we have introduced extensive measures aimed at shortening your delivery times and providing you with a better customer experience. In concrete terms, this means delivery times for new projects from 12 weeks after receipt of order.

Profit from:

Shorter delivery times thanks to a new ERP system: We have invested in a modern ERP system that optimizes our entire supply chain, resulting in shorter delivery times. This enables us to process your orders faster and ensure that you receive your products even more efficiently.

Increasing efficiency: Our ongoing lean management initiative has led to remarkable improvements in the process chain. The new proactive approach identifies and addresses potential bottlenecks in the supply chain at an early stage.

Portfolio optimization for tailor-made solutions: We have reviewed and optimized our product portfolio to ensure that we focus on the products that are most relevant to you. This customization allows us to deliver faster from stock.

Building a larger stock for fast availability: To better meet your requirements, we are working on building a comprehensive stock. This will ensure that the products you need are in stock at short notice.

With these measures, we will further increase the quality of our services. Our commitment to fast delivery times and customer satisfaction is at the heart of all our efforts. Visit

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