Monocrom: Tiny diode laser stack with real macro channels water cooling

The use of real macro water channels allows to maintain a high optical efficiency when talking about actively cooled Diode Laser Stacks making them cost-efficient in terms of performance and maintenance.

Our ENCAST Series consists of laser diodes mounted with our exclusive ClampingTM technology. The solder-free clamping of laser bars is a revolutionary technique which optimizes diode lasers useful life-time and also improves brightness by eliminating the undesired “smile effect” that occurs when soldering. (clamped bars smile < 0.1 um).

The ENCAST Diode Laser Packages are offered in a wide range of wavelength, starting from 650 nm up to 2100 nm. Their low weight (10bar < 0.3 kg with sealed housing) and low pitch are ideal for portable devices where size and weight are important. The sealed housing eases handling and allows the integration of the module in normal room conditions.

Our low pitch High Power Diode Lasers are intended for a wide variety of applications, from dermatology, optical pumping, material processing and all sort of industrial uses. Its high reliability ensures long life-time and optimum efficiency in all possible operation mode up to CW conditions.

The ENCAST modules are available with FAC and FAC/SAC optics in the same enclosure. Cooling is achieved with macro channels of 0,9 mm showing a low pressure drop of 2 bar (6 laser bar stack) and 3.5 bar (10 laser bar).

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