Aspen Systems: 2U is even cooler

Aspen Systems now has two models to select from our Rack Mount Chiller (RMC) series.  The RMC-800 (800 Watts) was released in January and shown at Photonics West.  The just released RMC-1100 produces an industry leading 1,100 Watts in a 2U (3.5”) tall rack mount enclosure.

Aspen’s RMC series uses a DC, variable speed, Compressor and coolant pump giving the user unrivaled flex­ibility. The compressor can be varied from 1,200-6,500 rpm providing cooling power from 20-100% to match the load. The compressor speed is automatically adjusted by the PID control­ler based on the user input for the set point temperature.
Pump speed is user variable via the controller from 0-3.5 liters/ minute with a maximum pressure of 100 psi. As standard, the system includes a universal power supply for 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Optionally, the system can be configured for its native 24 VDC – ideal for portable or mobile applications.
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