Light measurement technology for a perfect AR/VR world from Instrument Systems GmbH

At Photonics West 2024 and SPIE.AR|VR|MR 2024 Instrument Systems will be presenting its portfolio for the optical quality assurance of AR/VR devices along the entire production chain.

At Booth 6101 of SPIE.AR|VR|MR 2024 in San Francisco, Instrument Systems will be launching its new LumiTop 5300 AR/VR. The 2D luminance and color measurement camera has an high resolution and a straight lens. It was specifically developed for 2D testing of AR/VR display modules prior to installation in the headset, and complements the LumiTop 4000 with a periscope lens that has been tried and tested over many years.

The new TOP 300 AR/VR is also celebrating its premiere. The coupling optics provide an optical system modeled on the human eye, and can be connected to a CAS series spectroradiometer via a fiber connection. It was especially designed for simple optical tests along the production line of AR/VR modules.

The VTC infrared camera for near and far field analyses of VCSELs, such as 3D gesture recognition sensors, can be seen at Booth 4205-12 at Photonics West.

Instrument Systems will be complementing its product presentations with three scientific expert lectures on quality control at different production stages of AR/VR headsets, together with LIV characterization and eye safety testing of VCSELs (Sessions: 12904-11, 12913-55, 12913-45).

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