Frankfurt Laser Company: Compact Laser Diode Line Modules HSML-E with Ultra-Thin Lines

August, 2021: The new HSML-E is a series of laser diode line modules which are very compact and deliver an ultra-thin line. Laser head and laser driver are separated which allows a very compact size of the laser head of just Ø12.6mm x 44mm. The laser driver is 200mm away from the laser head with dimensions of Ø12.6mm x 40mm and can be operated
at 24V. The beam line can be focussed to e.g. a thickness of just 10μm at 40mm distance. Standard fan angles are 10° – 90°. The wavelength range is from 405nm to 1060nm with output powers up to 50mW.

The power stability is typically <±5% over 8 hours at an operating temperature range from 10°C to 50°C. As an option these modules are offered with potentiometer for power adjustment, external TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analogue modulation up to 100kHz. The housing is electrically isolated and satisfies the protection class IP67 which makes these modules ideal for the use in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions. The major applications are machine vision, scanning, profiling and laser triangulation.

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