Lumetrics’ OptiGauge 600 is here

Lumetrics has a brand new addition to the OptiGauge portfolio of non-contact thickness measurement products, the OptiGauge 600.  The OG-600 instrument is based on the time-domain low-coherence interferometry. This technology enables absolute thickness measurement of any material, which is transparent or partially transparent to the measurement of light. The OG-600 uses visible light with the center wavelength of approximately 650nm.

About Lumetrics: 

Since 2002, Rochester, N.Y.-based Lumetrics has been developing and manufacturing high-precision thickness measurement and gauging systems for a growing cross-section of customers, including Fortune 500 companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, food packaging, eye-care products and coatings industries. Our original product line, OptiGauge, was launched through our licensing of thin film measurement technology from Eastman Kodak. We’ve since expanded the OptiGauge series and developed other product lines to meet a more diverse range of industry needs.

Today, our customers can be found among: 

  • Medical device companies—We serve 50 percent of the world’s top medical device companies, and Lumetrics has installed thickness measurement systems to measure multiple products.
  • Ophthalmic companies—Our customers include the top four ophthalmic companies in the world.
  • Glass companies—Three of the top four glass manufacturers in the world are Lumetrics customers.

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