Crack and vibration sensor by Technica

The T210 is a small dimension high sensitivity sensor designed for monitoring cracks and vibrations in surface mounted applications.

The T210 optical sensor consists of a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing element embedded in a curved steel frame. This patented sensor yields excellent wavelength to crack growth linearity and  its fast response time also makes it ideal for vibration monitoring.

The T210 crack sensor is designed to make handling and installation fast, easy and intuitive. It delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors. The sensor’s cable specifications listed herein represent the most popular configuration. The manufacturing process for the T210 allows for significant variations in sensor and cable construction including sensors at  other wavelengths, termination by other types of optical connectors, as well as cable availability in custom lengths and with customer defined spacing between sensing points.

Used extensively in various civil structures, including buildings, pillars, and bridges. New applications in power transformers.

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