Innovative Solutions for Optics and Photonics

Sill Optics is your specialist for quality and innovation in the range of photonics technologies. With regard to customized development as well as  portfolio solutions we have established ourselves internationally and are  one of the leading companies in this business. Sill Optics is located in Wendelstein, Germany.


  • for high- power-laser applications
  • fused silica and optical glass
  • standard Ø 1”, 1.5”, and 2”; focal length 20 mm to 400 mm
  • custom-made

Laser Optics

We produce custom-made or portfolio lenses for all laser applications from 193 nm up to 10.6 μm for ultrashort pulse lasers and cw lasers.

  • beam expanders
  • scan lenses
  • zoom beam expanders, motorized versions available
  • color corrected scan lenses
  • low absorption coating with high LIDT

Illumination Components

  • telecentric LED-Condensers up to Ø 150 mm


  • lens elements Ø 4 mm – 650 mm
  • surface figure Lambda /10 (improved upon request)
  • scratch & digs 10 / 5 depending on lens diameter
  • lenses square / segmented shape
  • optical domes manufacturing
  • CNC milling and lathing
  • high-precision centering, alignment and machining of mounted lenses and lens groups
  • latest CNC machines for grinding, polishing and centering
  • QED equipment for aspheres
  • optical thinfilm coating inhouse
  • standard and stitching interferometer
  • lens elements from special materials (Germanium/ CaF2)

Imaging lenses

In this area we offer various lenses in different quality levels to meet the special demands in industrial imaging applications and metrology.

  • telecentric lenses up to Ø 400 mm
  • zoom lenses
  • telecentric measurement lenses
  • lenses for triangulation
  • lenses for medical and biomedical applications


The word “precision” is not a phrase only:

  • The quality system complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015