Two Caeleste papers at IISW 2019

At the International Image Sensor Workshop, June 2019, Utah, USA, Caeleste will present two papers on advanced CMOS image sensors.

Peng Gao, design team leader at Caeleste will present the paper “16.7Mpixel 8000fps sparse binarized scientific image sensor”. This is a large format (36.1×40.2 mm2), 4K x 4K CMOS image sensor, having single-bit binary pixels on a 8µm pitch.  By the use of a proprietary readout technique it reaches frame rates up to 8000fps in sparse mode.

Ajit Kalgi, design team leader at Caeleste, will present the paper. “Fast Charge Transfer in 100µm long PPD Pixels”

In this paper we present a patented photodiode structure for fast charge transfer in elongated pixels. For applications requiring high frame rate and elongated pixels, charge diffusion in photodiode limits the transfer efficiency, thus ultimate frame rate. We solve this by creating electrostatic potential gradient in the elongate direction by exploiting the effect of proximity of implanted regions on the pinning voltage.



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