High-precision leak testing with Axetris mass flow meters

Flow and pressure based leak testing is an integral part of the production process for a variety of industrial goods, ranging from automotive and industrial to medical parts. Axetris mass flow meters help to detect even the smallest leaks thanks to their extraordinary sensitivity, and they also help increase production efficiency due to an ultrafast response time of 4 ms. An additional asset is their capability for bidirectional flow measurement.

Leak testing is a standard procedure to examine leak integrity for a variety of industrial goods, e.g. automotive parts, industrial valves and medical devices, to name a few. Among a variety of leak testing techniques available on the market, such based on flow and pressure measurement are typically used to test for leaks upwards of 0.1 sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute).

There are two ways to measure a flow. Firstly, a mass flow sensor or a mass flow meter can be used directly to measure the mass flow of gas (typically industrial air or helium) escaping due to a leak. Secondly, the measurement can be conducted indirectly by supporting fill-up of the part to be tested, and subsequently measuring the drop of pressure (pressure decay testing).

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