EPIC Meeting on Freeform Optics at Optimax

19-20 March, 2020: Freeform optics cannot be manufactured by standard spherical or aspheric manufacturing techniques. They can embody a wide range of geometries, offering great advantages over conventional shapes to a wide range of applications. 
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together the complete value chain of the manufacturing and measurement of freeform optics, including design, machining, metrology and evaluation, and to match their capabilities with current market-driven needs.
The meeting will focus on key application fields: consumer electronics (including head-mounted displays or micro-optics for VCSEL packaging), space/aerospace, illumination (including indoor, outdoor and automotive lighting), healthcare, industrial manufacturing or decoration. Leading companies on these application fields will be present at this meeting and will give the user perspective as well as presenting the current state of the art and future market trends.

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