Electro-Optics solutions by K&Y

In response to the increasing use of two-axis machining systems, K&Y Diamond provides turning tools manufactured to exacting tolerances and strict quality control, which are essential for all electro-optic device applications. Our goal is to provide our clients with leading edge tools which achieve high quality surface finish on a large variety of materials.

A selection of fly-cutting tools is also offered to match all of your requirements.

What are the applications?
K&Y works in collaboration with many different sectors directly connected with the manufacturing of electro-optic devices and among them:

  • Infra-red lenses
  • Photo receptor drums
  • Platters in Hard Disc Drives (HDD)
  • Mobile phones camera lenses
  • Digital devices
  • DVD & Blu-ray players
  • …and much more.

For what kind of materials are the K&Y tools manufactured?
K&Y Diamond creates fly-cutting and turning tools suitable for all kind of non ferrous materials. However, new technologies allow us to offer fly-cutting tools that can also be used on certain ferrous materials. Please, contact our professional teams to learn more about it.

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