Dorotek: Easy-to-use High Speed IR-Detection-Modules for 3 – 12 µm

October, 2021: VIGO launched two high speed Infrared detector modules, belonging to the new established selected line. The detonations : UHSM and UHSM-I. Both versions have a broad spectral responsivity, useable in the range 3 – 12 µm !  The most impressive feature is of course the high bandwidth with 700 MHz and for the UHSM even more than 1 GHz.

In the UHSM-module is a 4TE-cooled PV-IR-detector integrated with an active area of 0.05 x 0.05 mm.

The UHSM-I module based on a PVI-4TE infrared detector, using the unique VIGO-technology of optical immersion. Thereby the high bandwidth of still 700 MHz is combined with an optical active area of 1×1 mm2. In comparison to the UHSM the detectivity is with 109 cm∙Hz1/2 /W app. one magnitude higher.

Important to mention yet, that both modules are very compact by the integrated cooler controller. The units are supplied by +9V and with the provided AC adapter, the 230 V AC main can be used. The amplified detector signal can be taken from a SMA-connector, whereby a SMA-BNC or SMA-SMA cable will be supplied as well. 

More information here.

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