New Products and Highlights at Optikron

August, 2020:

Smallest Prisms

  • 90 deg. prisms with only 0.3 mm for imaging systems or with special coatings for measuring probes and laser applications
  • 30 deg. prisms with only 0.5 mm for even smaller endoscopy objectives

Micro-Cameras and Vision-Systems

  • Optikron's PRO CAM and SMART CAM camera modules
  •  with optimized optics for best view
  •  standard and customized modules

Micro-Objectives for smallest endoscopes

  •   customized objectives for several angles of view
  •  optical modules for image splitting to 2 channels in smallest stereo systems

Laser Protection Filters for endoscopes

-> to protect systems against laser radiation

  • flexible use for several lasers because of high blocking in the range from 800 nm up to 1.5 µm while having best color neutrality in VIS
  • filters as single components for integration in systems or filter modules with optics soldered in stainless steel casings

Beamsplitter Groups for beams with highest angle accuracy

  •  polarizer and beam-coupler
  •  dichroic beamsplitter
  •  non-polarizing beamsplitter

-> for parallel beams with a parallelism accuracy < 10 arcsec.

-> also available: splitters for other angles of incidence and
     various emergent angles

Miniaturized RGB-Combiner

  •  cemented prism group in individual sizes and for customized beam diameters and beam positions
  •  sample of available coatings:

    1. coating:
    Ts<0,005 [632-643nm] Ts>0,97 [440-460nm; 515-530nm] (R=1-T)

    2. coating:
    Ts<0,005 [440-460nm] Ts>0,97 [515-530nm; 632-642nm] (R=1-T)

Beam Switches

  • customized configurations available (wavelength, beam positions, beam diameter, channel number in/out)

More information here.

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