World class in micro-optics

Zünd covers the entire value chain

Which includes optical contact bonding, grinding, lapping, polishing, faceting, coating, as well as optical gluing and assembling modules, with Swiss precision down to the tiniest detail.

Zünd Precision Optics Ltd. has been a dependable partner since 1968, providing uncoated or coated planar optical single components and planar optical assemblies in dimensions of 0.2 mm to 50.0 mm. With years of experience, we offer assistance to our clients throughout the entire product life cycle, spanning from engineering to serial production.

Our support function commences with prototype creation and design, extending to the execution of manufacturing from units as low as 10 to more than 20,000. 

Additionally, Optivac Ltd., our subsidiary, provides contract coating services for customer-provided components in addition to manufacturing complete plano optic components. With more than 50 years of experience, Optivac Ltd. possesses an extensive understanding of coating technology and guarantees the optimal performance of contemporary optics in the most challenging applications in the wavelength range from deep ultraviolet to medium infrared. Our variety of services comprises coating design in the development stage up to series production.

Swiss precision is demonstrated down to the smallest detail in the processing of advanced optical glass into ultra-precise components. These components are used worldwide in medical technology, industry & metrology, laser optics, and telecommunications. As a flexible Swiss company, we utilise our vast experience and advanced process technology to attain excellence in situations where angle and surface accuracy are of utmost importance.

Our products and solutions

Planar optical single components

  • All types of Prisms
  • Mirrors, Windows and Wedges
  • Polygons
  • Corner Cubes

Planar optical assemblies

  • Beamsplitter: PBS, NPBS
  • Deflection Systems
  • Cemented Prism Systems


  • Mirrors: Silver, Aluminium, Gold
  • Anti-Reflection: 190 – 5000 nm
  • Beamsplitters: PBS, NPBS
  • Metallic & Dielectric Coatings
  • Black Chrome