Maximum Passion for Precision Optics

For more than 56 years, WZWOPTICAG, an ISO-9001:2015 certified company, has designed and manufactured high-end, quality optics solutions for a global customer base. Specializing in ‘build to print’ manufacturing, from start to finish, WZWOPTICAG has the unique capability of offering customers an integrated ‘one-stop’ source for all their optical requirements.

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)

WZWOPTICAG consolidates its market position as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high precision optical components with ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology. Each step in the process chain, from the raw glass to the finished product, can now be implemented under one roof with a single management process. Low absorption, low scattered light, reflectivity R>99.999%

Sub Angstrom polished substrates

‘Super-polished’ or laser quality polished substrates are ideal for use as low-loss laser mirrors, where thermal stability, surface scatter and high laser damage thresholds are key requirements. ‘Super-Polished’ surfaces with a surface roughness of <= 0.5 Å RMS, figured to <= 1/10 Wave PV, a scratch-dig of <= 10-5 and surface figure < λ/20 @ 633 nm this combination helps to minimize both scatter and absorption.

Opto – Mechanical Assemblies

WZWOPTICAG provides opto-mechanical engineering and system prototyping services. We offer a high level of specialized expertise to all phases of assembly fabrication, from opto-mechanical concept and design, through component construction. Final assembly and testing are performed in ISO 5 low particle emission cleanroom conditions. Our in house design team and manufacturing enables optimization of function, performance and costs.