Spectrogon’s Optical Interference Filters
and Holographic Diffraction Gratings

Spectrogon is a world leading manufacturer of Optical Interference Filters and Holographic Diffraction Gratings.

Optical Interference Filters

Spectrogon designs and manufactures optical interference filters for many applications such as Thermal imaging, Process Control, Fire and Flame Detection, Medical, Automotive and Surveillance & Defense. Spectrogon offers optical filters and windows in the range 380-14000 nm and has production capability for wafer sizes Ø6 to Ø200 mm. The wafers can then easily be cut to the required size in our dicing facility and then delivered on tape frames. Bandpass, Narrow Bandpass, Longwave-Pass, Shortwave-Pass, Broad-Bandpass and Neutral Density filters can all be produced to customer specifications. All our filters are manufactured using a hard coating technique, which give films with superior environmental stability. All of Spectrogon’s production is in Sweden. Our thin film designers are ready to review your requirements and specifications and to propose solutions to suit your technical and commercial requirements. We have a selection of coating machines suitable for different wavelength ranges and volumes. For low volume prototypes, we can offer an extensive range of filters from stock.

Diffraction grating products

Spectrogon manufactures holographic diffraction gratings for UV-NIR. Our custom made gratings have high efficiency, low stray light, wide tuning range, high damage threshold and are optimized for specific applications. For custom designs we have several grating designers ready to review your specification. We can help you to determine a specification that is both technically feasible and economical to manufacture. All grating requests submitted to us are calculated and simulated for optimal performance and matched against stock or previously manufactured gratings.

Visit our website www.spectrogon.com. Here you will find listed over 1000 different filters and 250 different diffraction gratings.


Visit Spectrogon at Laser World of Photonics

SPECTROGON AB will present its product at the PhLaser World of Photonics trade fair in June. The Laser World of Photonics trade fair takes place 24 - 27 June, 2019 in ;Munich. SPECTROGON AB can be found in Hall B1, Booth 102.