Lasers love OWIS

Lasers love OWIS – for a reason. The wide OWIS Portfolio of optical beam handling components and positioning units are characterized by high precision and reliability.

Our wide product portfolio of beam handling systems, optomechanical components as well as manual and motorized positioners offers you the perfect modular system to realize your application or laboratory setup in photonics.

This also applies for vacuum applications. Our vacuum series is designed for high vacuum (HV), ultra high vacuum (UHV) and extremely high vacuum (XHV). In XHV with pressure ranges of 10-11 mbar, we have developed a unique competence.

OWIS Engineering assists you with customizing and OEM solutions, if you want to set up alignment and handling systems quickly and flexibly, or if you want to develop your laboratory setup into a production-ready series product, the optics boxes. We are also happy to help when it comes to customizing for applications in cleanroom or vacuum.