Opto Engineering S.p.A.

Opto Engineering® designs, manufactures, and markets imaging components. Our expertise in developing innovative optical systems has earned us worldwide recognition as a supplier of unmatched optical solutions.

Opto Engineering® is one of the world leaders in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products which have helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible.

Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies: today Opto Engineering® is also a primary supplier of advanced LED illuminators, cameras, imaging software, and other machine vision components.

While we transform our know-how and ideas into added-value products and services for our customers, we stay true to our “Optics DNA”: our constant drive is to deliver increasingly more advanced OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.


  • Telecentric lenses
  • Macro & Fixed focal length lenses
  • 360° view lenses


  • NEW: ITALA® cameras, designed and manufactured in Italy
  • ITALA G, Industrial GigE vision PoE cameras Made in Italy
  • ITALA G.EL, Industrial GigE vision PoE cameras with liquid lens control


  • LED Illuminators
  • LED Pattern Projectors


  • Graphical environments for Machine Vision
  • Machine vision libraries

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