Focused on optical components

The OASYS GmbH was founded in 1992 as a supplier of optical components for the laser industrie. In the meantime the product line was extended to standard- and special optics for all kind of applications, from the deep UV- to the far IR-spectrum. The parts are supplied in standard dimensions as well as custom tailored.

  • Optical lenses and prisms for UV – IR
  • ZnSe lenses and windows incl. AR coating
  • Rework of used ZnSe lenses and windows
  • Plano and spherical mirrors in glass and metal
  • Optical windows with special coatings and filters 
  • Aspherical lenses (incl. diamond turned lenses made from Ge and ZnSe) 
  • Cylindrical and toroidal lenses / mirrors
  • Micro lenses (min. 0.3 mm) and prisms
  • Standard Fresnel lenses incl. Solar Frensel lenses
  • Beamsplitter windows and –cubes (polarized and unpolarized)
  • Serial production of mirrors made by replica technique 
  • Sapphire windows / lenses
  • Windows with EMI / RFI shielding (ITO coating)
  • ZnSe / Ge windows with AR/AR coating for CO2-Lasers 
  • Zero-Order / Multi-Order Waveplates

Machined Materials

All common glasses incl. CaF2, GaAs, Ge, plastic, ZnSe, ZnS.
For mirrors: glass, Si, Al, Cu, Mo, Be.