Application adaptable laser beam steering

Inspired by the flexible use of servos in radio controlled model aero planes, Newson designed an adaptable scan solution for laser beam steering. Instead of shipping „black box style“ deflection systems, Newson provides „modularity in design“ that allows building a deflection system as an integral part of your application.

Smart Deflectors™

Smart Deflector™ Key Data

  • One size fits all: Smart DeflectorTM can be fitted with 10, 15 or 20 mm aperture mirrors
  • Fully integrated rotational servo system
  • Available angular ranges: 800, 640, 180 mrad
  • Single coaxial SDP (Shared Data Power) connection
  • 24 bit set point control
  • Low drift (typical 12μrad/8 hours)
  • Low temperature coefficient (typical 25 ppm/°K)
  • Patented moving coil drive with low inductance for superior speed
  • Fully digital H-bridge for single supply (12VDC) operation at maximum efficiency
  • Spring preloaded hybrid bearing system for long life time
  • Field replaceable mirrors and auto tune support


It takes one Smart DeflectorTM fitted with an X-mirror and one fitted with a Y-mirror to build a 2 axis laser beam deflector. To facilitate, several off-theshelf mounting parts are available to guarantee the right deflector and lens positions. The production data of those mounting parts are open source in order to assist you in designing your proper parts, which allows self branding and adds application adaptability to your deflection system. For ease of use complete premounted 2D, 3D and dual head deflection systems are also available.



Besides Smart DeflectorsTM, Newson also provides a linear and a multi
axis servo. The linear servo is used as an axial lens shifter in 3D deflection
solutions (ELEVAthorTM) while the multi axis servo allows angle control of
a single mirror in 2 directions (CYCLOPSTM). As for Smart DeflectorTM digital
systems, they are fitted with the same coaxial connector.


CUA32 control card

Probably the highest value multi axis controler in the world

CUA32 Key Data

  • 6 axis numerical control system
  • Steers up to 3 Smart DeflectorsTM at 24 bit setpoint
  • Steers up to 3 stepper drivers (32 bit stepcounters)
  • Controls up to 17 digital and 4 analog IO’s
  • Direct AC (110-240 V) or DC (24-48V) power connection
  • Optional XY2-100 output for third party scanner control
  • Up to 8 systems can be interconnected to obtain 48 axis control
  • USB and Ethernet for host connection
  • Ethernet, CAN and UART for system integration
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Modular internal construction for easy customization
  • License free software
  • DLL (open source) for interfacing with your application
  • Configuration software for activation of advanced features