Monocrom is a Diode Laser Company based in Barcelona area, Spain with a long trajectory in the semiconductor industry. Our portfolio of diode lasers comprises standard and custom-made solutions for the medical, industrial manufacturing and defense sectors. We offer diode laser packages including laser stacks, mounts and linear arrays,  diode-pumped solid-state lasers, single emitters, pumping sources and efficient fiber coupled laser modules.

We provide laser systems proved to meet successfully the most demanding requirements in industrial manufacturing, ophthalmic surgery, dermatological and aesthetic treatments, life-science and research instrumentation, imaging and security applications.

Furthermore, we supply tailor made OEM laser solutions for clients’ specific needs, technical requirements, time and costs concerns.

A customer-oriented service and a broad expertise in laser physics, semiconductor, optical fiber technology and laser electronics makes of Monocrom a valuable partner for every business.

Monocrom is well known world-wide for its unique solder-free Clamping™ technology used exclusively in the manufacturing of its own products. Solder-free mounting of bars has a lot of advantages compared to conventionally soldered bars.  We are able to avoid the “smile” effect, achieve better cooling efficiency, higher brightness and prolong product life-time. Thanks to our patented Clamping™ technology, we deliver value-added, high-quaility laser devices with improved performance and reliability.


Monocrom focuses its activity in the development of:

  • Diode Lasers based on lasers diode bars packed with our solder-free patented technology. A wide variety of wavelengths, power ranges, and different cooling solutions are available in order to give the perfect balance between performance and price.
  • Pumping Sources (Nd:Yag & Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4) from 120 W to 5400 W in CW & QCW modes with up to 1 kHz.
  • Pumping Sources at 1064 nm, 532 nm and 527 nm both in CW and ­Q-switch modes with excellent performance in medical and industrial applications.
  • High Energy Solid-State Lasers available at 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm
  • Single Emitters available at 375 nm to 2.1 μ in a range of power that starts below 1 mW and scales up to some watts.
  • Direct Diode Lasers in a broad range of power levels and emission wavelengths designed for the most demanding industrial and medical applications that deliver up to multi kW of power in continuous wave (CW).
  • Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers available in low and high power with highly efficient solder-free laser bar mounting patented technology (Clamping™). The lack of a “smile” effect results in an optimum coupling efficiency to the optical fiber.


Monocrom is a global laser company with an extensive distribution network across the globe. We assist our customers locally, regionally and globally, assuring short reaction time, effective communication and accurate support.

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