Measuring Instruments You Can Trust!

Möller-Wedel Optical is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets high-precision optical measuring systems for mechanical engineering, automotive industry, optical industry, semiconductor industry, film camera service, and calibration and research laboratories. We are the world market leader in the field of small angle metrology and operate a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) for the dimensional measurand: angle.

The calibration services include:

  • Electronic Autocollimators (also from external companies)
  • Angle measurement standards (e.g. polygon mirror)

For more than 50 years, the company’s optical measuring instruments have enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide for their quality and durability. Möller-Wedel Optical is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The team of experts in technical optics/optoelectronics, optical metrology, physics, and precision engineering is constantly working on new innovative products and solutions for customers’ demanding measurement tasks. From research and development to production, Möller-Wedel Optical combines the advantages of the latest technologies with traditional skills. This ensures the highest quality and precision. 

Product range

Visual Optical Instruments

Customers could choose from a wide range of different visual optical instruments such as collimators, autocollimators, testing telescopes and dioptometers.

Electronic Autocollimators

The electronic autocollimators of the ELCOMAT® product line allow high-precision angle measurements up to accuracies of 0.01 arcseconds. They are primarily used for the following measuring tasks: minute angle measurement, ultra-precise angle adjustment and calibration, quality assurance of machine tools and their components, assembly automation, angular position monitoring.


The Goniometer of GONIOMAT product line with their semi and fully automatic versions can measure angles, prisms, polygon mirrors, wedges, polarizing beam splitter cubes and roof edges of prism with an accuracy up to 0.4 arcseconds. The patent-pending extension for ground prisms for the GONIOMAT M line is applicable to measure ground prisms with an accuracy better than 10 arcseconds.


The Fizeau-Interferometers of the VI direct product line are ideal to measure the wave front, radius, and flatness of optical surfaces in optical workshops.

Optical Testing Instruments

A variety of optical testing instruments such as motorized collimators for active alignment of automotive camera lenses, the WaveBench for adjustment of cine camera lenses, as well as the SIAM for measurement of secondary image angle of wind shields of vehicles complete our portfolio.