MICROS Optics. For your Success.

We transform your idea into series production: Perfection by MICROS Optics

MICROS Optics manufactures and develops optical components and assemblies as well as optical and optoelectronic functional layers.MICROS Optics is a classic OEM partner for a number of renowned clients in various industrial segments and markets – wherever photonics play a crucial role, such as in laser technology, medical technology, measuring and control engineering, biometry and biotechnology, information and communication technology, image data processing, aeronautics and space flight, sensor technology, semiconductor industries and many more. We regard ourselves as partner of our clients and support you with our knowledge in the development of cost-effective and innovative products. Highly trained and qualified employees, quick response times for client enquiries, flexibility in client requirements and short delivery times are major competitive advantages for us and naturally for you as well.

Your benefit 

  • Made in Germany – out of conviction. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and attach a lot of importance to exchanging know-how with leading research institutions, like the Fraunhofer Institut and many Universities.
  • Specialisation and  know how- based on years experience. Thanks to our years of experience in the production of optics we are much sought-after partner for high quality optics- worldwide.
  • Independent of suppliers – special requirements as a standard.
    The quality of materials used is absolutely decisive for the subsequent product properties. Independent from suppliers we will be able to consider your special requests, requirements and specifications.
  • Promoting  the younger generation – think about tomorrow today. Being an innovative company, we give importance to qualified technicians. Obviously, this is the reason why we train our own young generation workforce.
  • Extensive material stock – short delivery times. MICROS Optics
    is able to access a multitude of specialty glasses within shortest delivery times.

High-precision optics, technical glasses and optical thin layers in their perfection

Micros Optics uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques as well as specialized production methods. Our considerable machinery  enables us to offer not only a wide range of high-quality products but also extensive solutions for customized requirements.

Range of products: optical components and coatings

  • Windows, Optical Flats, Wedge Plates, Prisms
  • Beamsplitters: Plates, Cubes
  • Coloured Glass Filters, Heat-Absorbing Filters
  • Sherical optics: Lenses (PVC, PCX, BCV, BCX), Achromates, Cylindrical Lenses


  • Dielectric High-Reflective Coatings, Metallic High-Reflection Coatings

Antireflection Coatings

  • Single-Layer, Multi-Layer, V-Coatings, Broadband Coatings
  • Dielectric High-Reflective Coatings, Metallic High-Reflection Coatings


  • Hot and Cold Mirrors
  • Long-Pass-Filters, Short-Pass-Filters, Bandpass-Filters, NeutralDensity-Filters


  • Metallic Beamsplitters
  • Special Coatings according to customer requirements


  • Manufacturing of large optical components. Edge lengths up to Ø 1.600 mm and 320 x 3100 mm

Flat glass treatment. Cut-outs of float glass, Borofloat, B270, Optiwhite, etc. in various dimensions