mechOnics ag – Competence in micropositioning

mechOnics ag, a German company founded in 2003, is specialized in development, production and sales of systems for micro- and nano-positioning applications.

These systems are driven by a new developed, innovative piezo inertial drive, which combines high resolution in the nm-range with large travels up to 50 mm. Together with piezo controllers with very low power consumption this permits main voltage free applications in laboratories and out of doors.

In telecommunication, semiconductor industry, laser- and bio-technology, sensors and space industry multiple customers profit of the high competence of mechOnics.

Range of standard products

  • Multiphase Micropositioner DSP 50 with 1 nm resolution and 15 N driving force
  • Nova Controller for mixing of open and closed loop stages (stepper motor driven and ultra low temperature stages can be integrated as well)
  • Linear stages up to 50 mm travel
  • Ultra compact xyz-stages (travel 10 mm)
  • Monomode coupler (travel 2 mm)
  • Ultra low temperature stages (300 mK)
  • Ultra high vacuum stages (10-10 Torr)
  • Mirror mounts for transm. optics (tilt ± 3 deg.)
  • Linear measuring systems (resolution up to 1 nm)
  • Handheld battery driven controller
  • USB-controller (open or closed loop)

Customized products

  • Positioners for ultra low temperature applications
  • Low temperature microscopes
  • Slits for electronic microscopy
  • Filter slider for space applications
  • Positioners for UHV applications