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For the past 25 years Mad City Labs has delivered innovative, high precision motion control and high resolution microscopy instruments.  Our products are ideal for research and industry across a diverse range of applications such as metrology, imaging, material characterization, microscopy, biophysics, astronomy and photonics.

Tools for the Nanoscale

Our product line encompasses closed loop piezo nanopositioning systems, motorized micropositioners, single molecule microscopes, and scanning probe microscopes.

Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems are piezoactuated nanopositioning stages paired with our low noise Nano-Drive® controllers. We employ flexure guided stage design with our proprietary PicoQ® sensors to enable true nanoscale performance. PicoQ® sensors have extremely low position noise, compared to other widely used sensors, resulting in picometer (or nanoradian) precision and high stability under closed loop control.

Our nanopositioning systems are available as linear or rotational positioners with single and multi-axis configurations.   Our nanopositioning systems are widely used for demanding precision applications, such as super resolution microscopy, optical tweezers, and active error correction for interferometry.

To complement our high precision nanopositioners, Mad City Labs offers a range of micropositioning systems. These stepper motor driven systems employ proprietary intelligent control which optimizes stability while also providing precision steps of 95 nm. The micropositioning product line includes compact linear and rotational stages, optical microscope stages, and automated stage platforms. Pairing these with our nanopositioning systems creates the ideal positioning solution for nanoscale applications.

The exceptional performance of our positioning systems are the foundation of our scanning probe and optical microscopes designed for nanoscale characterization and imaging.

The RM21® Single Molecule Microscopes are designed to foster scientific innovation in optical microscopy. The RM21® MicroMirror TIRF is a unique multicolour TIRF microscope with superior SNR enabling complex studies of biomolecular machines. RM21® single molecule microscopes have direct optical pathway access, high stability, precision alignment, and support a number of advanced nanoscopy methods.

Mad City Labs offers both resonant probe and optical deflection atomic force microscopes (AFM).  The AFM product line encompasses the ability to build your own resonant probe AFM using component parts – SPM-M kit – or the fully turnkey optical deflection MadAFM™.

Our AFMs are powered by our digital phase lock loop (PLL) controllers paired with AFMView® software. AFMView® software manages the hardware device control, calibration of probes, and data acquisition.  In addition all Mad City Labs AFMs include our precision nanopositioning systems yielding fuss-free high resolution performance.

More about Mad City Labs, Inc.

Mad City Labs is headquartered in the United States with a direct European sales office. Our in-house manufacturing and design capabilities provide complete control of the production process.   This vertical integration allows us to provide custom solutions for individual and industrial OEM clients with quick turnaround times. Lead times for standard products are typically 30-60 days. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering teams provide excellence in customer service support and welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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