LAYERTEC develops and produces optical components for laser applications. The company focusses on high power optics for fs-, ps-, ns- and cw-lasers as well as on complex optical solutions. 

LAYERTEC is located in Thuringia, Germany and has grown to over 400 employees since it was founded in 1990. In addition to the in-house precision optics production facility 40 coating chambers with various technologies from sputtering (magnetron and IBS) to evaporation (thermal and IAD) and an extensive measurement laboratory are available. This technological variety enables flexibility to customer requests while ensuring the high quality of the optical components throughout the entire production process. 

LAYERTEC is looking forward to support you in your projects with well-founded technical advice.


  • New: Large Optics (lenses up to 2000 mm in Fused Silica)
  • Small gradient filters (down to 8×8 mm)
  • Lithographically structured coatings
  • Optical assemblies (e.g. triple mirror)
  • High-power optics, e.g. 100 J/cm²; 1064 nm; 7 ns; R-on-1
  • High-power filters
  • OPO- and broadband optics, e.g. HR (0°, 460–1360 nm) > 99.8 %
  • Ultrafast optics, e.g. customized GDD and/or TOD
  • Chirped mirrors, e.g. -10 000 fs² @ 1040 nm
  • Low-loss optics, e.g. R > 99.999 % @ 1550 nm
  • Complex coating designs, e.g. cavity optics for weak laser lines
  • UV optics, e.g. R > 99.95 % @ 355 nm
  • Crystal polishing and coating
  • Aspheres
  • Large optics, up to 2000 mm long and 600 mm wide, or Ø 600 mm 
  • Laser engraving
  • In-house metrology, e.g. broadband cavity ring-down, PCI
  • Ultrasonic drilling