State of the art Polishers and Polishing Processes for Industrial Lens Manufacturing

Larsen Equipment Design was established in 1981 by a mechanical engineer with experience in optics manufacturing. The mission was to provide reliable optical fabrication machinery using readily available components, metric bearings, and redundant features to ensure reliability, accuracy and repeatability.

Starting with the development of polishing machinery for single point diamond turned optics; the goal was to offer easy to set up machines that yielded predictable results. These were primarily used on steep optics. In the mid 80’s when precision optics manufacturers started using our polishers, it was confirmed that our design actually produced figures of lambda/10 right out of the crate. That capability prompted a long standing relationship with several companies who make mini and micro optics (1-20 mm). “Compact, predictable, and easy to set up and maintain” is an ongoing refrain from our customers.

Lens manufacturers look to us for tooling assistance and appreciate our “can do” approach as well. We have continued to support the small optics niche with these bench-top machines. Interestingly, our 1, 2, and 6 spindle polishers find applications in all processes. Some companies use multiple one spindle machines while others use our six spindle units. Of course, we adapt the easily modified spindles to customer requirements, or advise them as to the best approach. 

With the advent of CNC lens generating, the polishing task has become easier. The predictable results from our polishers (they polish the generated figure) makes them easy to set up and, capable of a high level of precision with a minimum amount of adjustment. Our success with small optics polishers led to the development of 20-80 mm capacity machines.

Two dual spindle polishers are now available. These share the same design features (stainless steel construction, clear machines settings) as in our proven smaller machines. The RP-232 is a “bridge” type radial arm machine using the upper spindle to follow the rotation of the lower drive spindle. The RP-231 is a “T” type radial arm machines using the top driven counter-rotating hex spindles to drive the lens/lap. This is an aggressive machine offering reduced cycle times.

Larsen Equipment Design was founded on the development of product and processes exclusively associated with lens manufacturing. Over the years our processes and equipment, as well as our distilled knowledge of the Industry have made us a valuable resource for lens manufacturers worldwide.

Advantages of Larsen Equipment Design

  • Focus on polishing technologies
  • Access to problem solvers
  • Fast from R&D to Production
  • Leadership in Product/Process
  • Development

Range of Products

  • Polishers
  • Beveling machines
  • Tooling
  • Custom Equipment
  • Process Development