Optical Measurement Equipment Leader from Japan

Since 1965 Kyoritsu Electric Co. Ltd. has been providing the technology for a light source, optical measurement and control and become camera/lens inspection/testing system leader. Now the measurement equipment of Kyoritsu Electric are used all over the world by the manufacturers, R&D and calibration/repair services of cameras and lenses in various industries. We have wide range of products to make sure of your manufacturing quality especially:

Centration Measurement Instruments of Lenses

A low-cost, compact optical centering instrument that delivers high-precision measurement free of operation error. Measurement can be done to not only one piece lens but also to cemented lenses. Once the lenses are on the instrument, it will complete measurement/calculation without moving the lenses manually during the measurement. And this instrument is used not only for measuring but also for Lens Cementing by attaching UV Irradiation Device on the instrument. Both system, Transmission and Reflectrion are available.

Active Alignment MTF Solution

This system fixes Lens Unit and Image Sensor by UV Bonding after measuring MTF and centering the Unit and the Sensor. Used for manufacturing the cameras mainly for Automotive and Security. Of course the equipment for MTF inspection only is also available.

Image Sensor Tilt Alignment Tester (Patented)

This tester measures the Receptor Plane Distance of an image sensor inclination by 5 point measurement. This is supplied to various camera industries such as DSLR, Drone, Security, Cinema, etc. Also DMD Alignment Tester for DLP Projector is available.

And also:

Wide range of Equipment such as Multipurpose Camera Tester (this tester can measure Shutter Speed, Exposure, Diaphragm and Simultaneous), Video Collimator, Diaphragm Meter and Luminance Meter which are satisfied by many clients are available.

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