Crystal Growth – Customized Optics

Korth Kristalle founded in 1949 is specialized in the field of crystal growth and the manufacturing of optical components. The company is family owned and independent, a unique situation in Europe. This allows us to be flexible to meet our customer requirements. We can produce any quantity from a single crystal up to industrial volumes.

Typical Applications are e.g.:

  • Analytical instruments
  • Environmental protection
  • Space technology
  • Laser and Medical technology

Our Products and Services include:

  • Optics in all different inhouse* materials: 
  • ((high-end synthetic MgF2, CaF2, BaF2, SrF2, LiF, KBr, NaCl, KCl, CsBr, CsI, KRS-5)* – also Sapphire, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Quartz and others))
  • Spherical Lenses
  • Plano Optics
  • Beamsplitters
  • Mirrors, Filters, Substrates
  • Prisms
  • Special components with coatings, holes, grooves, steps etc.


Our specialised team helps you to choose the right crystal material and optics.

Characterization of your Optics and Materials:

  • Transmission 120 nm – 25 µm (VUV-IR)
  • Stress induced birefringence in isotropic materials (190-800 nm)
  • Contactless surface roughness down to Sq=0.5 nm
  • Wavefront distortion and refractive index homo-geneity in isotropic materials in transmission up to Ø 100 mm
  • Wavefront distortion for flatness and radii
    measurement (up to r=1000 mm)
  • Crystal orientation
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy 220-730 nm
  • Centering error